About Us


historyFounded in 1992, Fearless Eye delivers precision measurement, inspection and engineering graphics to our clients throughout the country. Coming from a forensic science background, accuracy in data collection and output has always been the essential part of our process. Beginning with traditional surveying equipment and evolving with the rapidly changing landscape of laser scanners, GPS systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), we strive to offer our clients the most accurate, innovative and economical measurement and engineering data.

Key Management

Brad Mathison (President/CEO)

Brad Mathison

Manages the company and seeks new advancements and opportunities in technology.

Amber Warlick (Vice President)

Amber Warlick
(Chief Operations Officer)

Directs company wide operations including software, point cloud, photogrammetry, and laser scan technologies.

George Kouba (Engineering)

George Kouba
(Director of Engineering)

Oversees civil engineering projects and application development.

John Sterling Ford (Operations)

John Sterling Ford
(Director of Marketing and Sales)

Responsible for new business opportunities and oversees our marketing and sales team.

Diane Mathison (Director of Finance)

Diane Mathison
(Director of Finance)

Manages accounting and day-to-day finances.

Clients Include:

Capabilities List

  • Production Capabilities
  • Surveying, Mapping and Measurement
  • Computer Engineering Graphics
  • 3D Modeling and Simulation
  • High Resolution Aerial Photography & Video
  • Photogrammetry
  • Expert Work
  • Scientific and Engineering Analysis
  • Research and Development
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Expert Testimony
  • Presentation Capabilities
  • 4K Video Productions
  • CADD Drawing and Printing
  • Computer Animations
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Interactive Presentations