Business Consulting Services

Please contact us for a Business Consultation if you're corporation is looking to expand into Aerial Mapping, UAV Data Collection or Photogrammetry (816) 886-2972.

Some of the development areas that we cover include:

  • Understanding the Basics of Drone Flying
  • How to Fly for Surveying and Mapping Needs
  • Surveying Using Ground Control Points (GCPs) with a RTK GPS System
  • Shooting High-Quality Photography with Various Cameras, Lens and Gimbals
  • Performing Full Resolution Photogrammetry Processing
  • Understanding the Pipeline of File Types from Capture to Output
  • Software Integration of Multiple Data Sets
  • Using Industry-Standard Software Programs for Mapping, Modeling, Surveying and Volumetric Work
  • Data Sharing and Online Viewing Portals
  • And Many More Topics...

Our Commitment to Ongoing Research and Development

  • Continue to Increase Accuracy with additional higher resolution photos.
  • Integrate ground control points.
  • Develop Object Detection Systems for Crash Avoidance.
  • Develop RTK System for sites in which ground control points are difficult to capture.
  • Add multiple GPS and Wifi Antennae's for precision flight location and reduced interference.
  • Increase Battery Life and Range of Drones.
  • Add Autonomous Flight Programs: Follow Me, Zip Line, Center Point.
  • Practice Safety Continuously.

Technologies We Use

Technologies We Use


Informational Videos