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Industry: Environmental, Mining, Excavation, Property Management, Engineering, Construction, Utility, Transportation, Forensic.

Property Description: Urban, Suburban, Rural, Remote, Rugged, Over Water.

Location: Address, Latitude and Longitude.

Type of Use: Mapping, GIS / Data Analysis, Research, Planning, Exploration, Construction, Monitoring Assets, Viewing Property, Litigation Evidence, Surveying, Appraisers, Insurance Estimators, Cartographers.

Type of Data Needed: Aerial Photography, Orthomosaic, Ground Survey, CADD Line Drawing, Computer Model, Thermography, Point Cloud, Contours.

Quality of Data: Video (i.e. 1080, 4K), Point Elevation Spacing and Accuracy (i.e. meter, centimeter, millimeter), Photography (i.e. 10, 20, 34 Megapixel). 

Size of Area: Number of Acres, Square Footage.

Time Frame: Day, Week, Month, Year.

Frequency of Data Collection: Monthly, Annually.

Preferred File Data Formats: